Saturday, August 04, 2012

Anything Can Happen

hold a heart
steal a kiss
live a dream you're afraid you might miss
close your eyes
take a breath
love until there is nothing left
then take a bow
you're ready now
to make all your dreams come true

anything can happen
if you pay the price
listen to your heart and you'll find
anything can happen in time

take a chance
face yours fears
find a moment to catch someone's tears
really listen
when you pray
find your heart and then give it away
dance in the rain
sing from your heart
it's a new year a new chance to start

find your faith
set it free
break the limits your eyes seem to see
fall in love
learn to cry
take a step in the unknown and fly
then hold a hand
take a stand
and watch all your dreams come true

anything can happen
if you pay the price
open up your heart and your mind
anything can happen in time

Kylee Shields

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Touching Heaven

today I went to my park to swing on the swings
I needed to feel the sun on my face
when I looked up into the light blue painted sky
i was rewarded with a cosmic display
the blue canvas was streaked with fluffy white tails
strewn across the sky—left over traces of tiny planes
i counted a baker's dozen or more and waited as they disappeared
i closed my eyes and pumped harder trying to touch heaven

Saturday, February 04, 2012

I Miss You

Most of the time I'm okay
I love my life and where I've been
Full of wonderlust and adventure
But today I miss you

Today I wanted to hold your hand
Like the couple sitting next to me on the Train
I wanted to laugh at your jokes
And feel the safety of your hand guiding me on the small of my back

Today I wanted to tell you a million things
But I chose to listen instead
And I watched you intently as you rambled on and on
I can't help but smile when you do that

Today I wanted to sit next to you in silence
You'd let me think and gently play with my hair
You do the crossword puzzle and leave the hard ones for me
And I love that about you

Yes, today I miss you and it's strange
How is it possible to miss someone you don't even know
Real feelings attached to the abscence of you
And yet I do, I miss you

Saturday, September 03, 2011

On My Mind III

You are on my mind

Partly b/c there was so much left unspoken
And b/c I keep thinking of how happy you will be to be home
It's hard to be left behind, discarded, forgotten
I took down our pictures, took off the bracelet, and grieved
I feel bad for myself a little but mostly feel grateful
People have been wonderful but they aren't you
Part of me wants you to miss me
But I know you had 2 weeks to say goodbye before you said the words
I should have kissed you goodbye
I should have let you say what you wanted to say
I know you are so happy at the ranch where you belong

And that's why you are on my mind

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Deeply In The Details

The one who made you who you are

Breathed life into your soul

He who knows you perfectly

And loves you completely whole

He who knows your heartache

He who catches tears

He who whispers in the silence

And takes away your fears

The one who watches fervently

Whose tender mercies are known

Only He can measure your heart

And witness how much you’ve grown

He is deeply in the details

His love runs anchor deep

He knows your every burden

And the sorrows that you keep

He who loves you raw and broken

Makes the heavens scream and cry

He whose voice the dust obeys

The one on whom you rely

The one who made your heart

Can pull it till it bleeds

And then He compensates

By planting healing seeds

He who asks for nothing less

Then all you have and more

If you will but give Him your will

Great treasures He has in store

Radiant Firehawk

Anasazi Shadow


If you can stand on the precipice

Understanding the course of your choice

Then take a step in the darkness

Without every hearing His voice

If you can listen without being heard

And measure the words you speak

If you can learn to pay the price

And make charity what you seek

If you can give another your heart

And not expect theirs in return

If you can sense the grace in silence

And apply the things you learn

If you can dance with those of royalty

Yet dine with those from dust

If you can seek the good in others

And liberally give your trust

If you can look into the mirror

And love the person that you see

If you can hear the sound of music

In every rock and stream and tree

If you can learn to be forgiving

And give freely of yourself

Understand life’s greatest treasures

Don’t lie in any wealth

If you can give everything you have

Then give a little more

That’s when God will give His mercy

And great blessings lie in store

If you can give the Lord your will

And know that His ways are higher

He will help you bear your burdens

And guide your righteous desire

By: Kylee Shields July 3, 2011

To: Lincoln Pearce

Sunday, January 30, 2011


When you don't have the answers
When you can't see ahead
Trust in the Lord
Let go and be led

When you think that you're ready
When you're willing to try
Then trust in yourself
Take a leap and fly

When you're doing all you can
When you're barely getting by
Know that you are truly loved
And deliverance is nigh

When the day is finally finished
When your weary soul is done
Know that what you do matters
He truly love the one

So calme your troubled heart
Ease your wandering mind
Put your faith in God
Then answers you will find.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Because before I had proof
I knew you would be my best friend

Because you give gifts year round
Not just when they are required

Because paper trees and travel themed walls
aren’t just fantasy

Because you like write letters and take notes
And sometimes I get to see

Because in a crowded room of people
I just want to laugh with you in the corner

Because you write about far off places
But the real story is where you are

Because when my heart is aching
Yours listens

Because sometimes when I’m with you
It feels like home